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Mommy's ultrasound picture of me.

You had me from hello, Na-Na and Shawnee in the delivery room

Mommy's first hug!

Sierriah's Butterfly Kisses to Shawnee

Nanny's Two Girls!

Finally a nap!

Me and my Pap!

My First Birthday!

I Am Beautiful!

Our Mommy!

For Mommy's Christmas cards
Pictures taken on Nov. 27th, Cheyenne Autumn went to Heaven on Nov. 30th.

My sister Sierriah!

Shawnee's Marker, designed by Na-Na and Pap, with all our Love and Broken Hearts!

Na-Na's Baby Girl is "In The Arms Of Angels"!

Thank you Deborah for creating the beautiful graphic of Cheyenne.

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